Trust and Company Services for Private Clients
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Our Experience

Types of entity

We work with advisors to create the bespoke structure required for each client and use various types of entity to facilitate the planning such as a trust, a companies and a partnership structure.  Where required in the past we have also obtained appropriate licences to manage other types of structures such as funds although always in a Private client context.  The jurisdiction or law of these structures is often locally based, given that is the reason many come to Jersey in the first place.  However, we are familiar with Trusts, Companies and Partnerships that operate under the laws of a number of other jurisdictions. Find out more about our services


Our roles include acting as Trustee, Director, Non-Executive Director, Protector, Administrator, Nominee, Family office support, coordinator of advisors and undertaker of strategic reviews and support to families. 


We have particular experience of clients who are non-domiciled but UK resident.  We also have experience with clients with connections with the US or South Africa.  Given the nature of structures, we have many beneficiaries and clients scattered around the world and so also have connections and experience dealing with many other countries including Europe, North America, Israel and other parts of Africa.

Asset types

There is a wide diversity in the types of assets we own or administer depending on the unique circumstances of each structure and family.  These can include: 

  • Business assets such as operating or holding companies in a variety of industries, either pre or post IPO; 
  • Stakes built up in private or public businesses by senior executives;  
  • Commercial and residential real estate portfolios; whether for development, letting or simply holding for private use;  
  • Physical assets such as car or art / antique collections, chattels, furniture and other collectables;
  • Hedge funds, private equity / carried interest and limited partnerships
  • Investment portfolio’s managed on a discretionary or advisory basis by managers  

Types of client

Our clients range from structures with third generation beneficiaries to first generation senior executives, entrepreneurs and investment managers (hedge fund/private equity executives).  Some structures have moved to us from other institutions whilst others have been set up in line with professional advice. All however are looking for a personal individual service based on their specific and unique requirements and it is this bespoke service that we offer. Find out more about us