Trust and Company Services for Private Clients
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Our Services

At Pentera we believe that every client is unique in one way or another and that the services which our clients require will therefore necessarily be different. We will discuss with you your individual requirements and expectations to ensure that you will receive the services that you require.

Trust Services

As well as acting as trustees, we are able to establish and administer settlements and trusts. Whilst the majority of trusts that we act for will be established under the proper law of Jersey, we are able to provide services for trusts and settlements established under the proper law of other jurisdictions. We are also able to act as co-trustees or provide personal trustee services in appropriate circumstances.

Corporate Services

We provide a comprehensive package of corporate services.  This includes the formation of companies, provision of directors and company secretaries, nominee shareholders and registered offices. We maintain statutory records for corporate entities for which we act. In appropriate circumstances we will act as non-executive directors of relevant entities.

Family Limited Partnerships

We manage the establishment of the partnership and the incorporation of the limited company that acts as General Partner (GP), and coordinate with the advisors in the relevant jurisdictions.  We then provide the corporate services to the limited company that acts as GP and that is responsible for managing and administering the FLP.

Administration Services

Our administration services cover all of the services required to support our trust, partnership and corporate based activities including the following:

  • Bookkeeping, reconciliation and accounting services including the production of annual accounts.
  • Production of periodic tailored asset schedules.
  • Day-to-day administrative functions such as income and capital distributions, approval of dividends, treasury management etc.
  • Selection and monitoring of third party service providers such as bankers and investment managers.